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Personal virtual tours

Staged automatically to match your customer's taste and needs, so they can feel at home.

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Your prospects will now be able to experience your property as if they were already living there

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far from a generic virtual tour

A fully tailored
virtual open home

There are a million different ways that a resident could decorate a unit. With at HUM's predictive stagings, you will be able to show an interior crafted automatically to each customer’s taste.

make spaces relevant & relatable

One Unit.
Multiple Uses.

Show your prospects how the same unit can be configured to meet their particular needs. Whether your prospects want a playroom for their children, a home office, or a guestroom with at HUM’s unlimited stagings one of them will match their lifestyle.

An example image showing different room settings
An image showing two device mockups with at HUM virtual tours running

offer users expert guidance

Easily switch between
guided and self-guided

Our virtual tours can be embedded on your website, on a listing marketplace, sent out on a mailing campaign or even better used on your HUM Touring showroom so agents can help guide the tour.

unlimited options and configurations

Showcase every variation

Load as many variations of each unit as you want, including finishes, appliances or other alternatives that your future residents can choose from. Our AI can help them pick the one that is best suited to each prospect’s style, showing them an option package that really resonates with them.

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An OpenHUM view of a kitchen showing different finishes inside a virtual tour

Powerful built-in data analytics

Understand your customers at a deeper level

Learn how your customers are interacting with the space and market accordingly.

  • Per visit tracking
  • Customer preferences
  • Market trends
An image of OpenHUM analytics module

Different levels of personalization
For each point in the customer journey and for every budget.

1. Fully personal

Virtually staged on the go for each prospect

Let our AI Interior Designer create a virtual tour completely unique for each of your prospects. Full interactive immersion for a more active engagement with the prospect to accurately predict their style and needs.


2. Enhanced personalization

The right balance between quick & personal

Our predictive algorithms matches users to the best staging from a constantly growing library. Quick and effortless, it even remembers the user's preferences.


3. limited personalization

Predefined styles and uses for different segments

Your prospects can quickly switch between virtual stagings to find the right one for them. We define the variations and segments with your team.


4. Predefined staging

A simple staging for simpler interactions

For when you want to quickly convey a single use and style.

Frequently asked questions

See how our customers are transforming the way properties are leased and sold

What is Open HUM?

The next generation of virtual tours for Real Estate. We built tools to fix what was broken with virtual tours, to provide an unparalleled user experience that helps developers and property operators attract more leads and more importantly convert them easily, by helping them understand the property and build an emotional connection with it early on.

Who will design the space?

at HUM is built around innovation. We built the industry's first AI Interior Designer to help us decorate spaces in record time and at a level of personalization unrivaled in the industry. This helps us be more scalable, flexible and affordable than most options out there. If you want to learn more about our AI technology and how it empower our solutions click here.

How is this better than other vitual tours?

Virtual tours are a great tool for helping prospects understand a property, but they have a series of shortcomings that we have addressed with Open HUM. Finding a home is a personal experience and tours should address this. Thanks to our personalization engine they will always find something relatable to them. Our tours are adaptive and continue improving as the property evolves. Our co-browsing engine helps agents provide guidance to the prospects and cut the closing times. Our tours are more flexible than anything out there, letting you show different times of day, to even the accurate location and view out of the windows. Best of all, pricing is also flexible so you can have the features that adapt to your budget and property needs.

How many styles and variations can I have?

Your subscription includes as many as you want. We usually work with you to determine the most popular initial states and from there the data that we collect help us optimize the ones that might be missing. You can end up with several dozen styles that reflect every customer preference out there! The best part is that thanks to our predictive algorithms switching styles becomes quickly and simple so the multitude of options won't ever feel overwhelming.

Quick and effortless implementation
Setup only takes a few days, we’ll help you choose the information needed and take care of the rest.

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